Description of facilities
Land area
1.800m Woodchip Slope Course Woodchip(3-4% incline)
2.800m Dirt Track Sand  
3.Warming-up Area  
4.Barns 6 barns(26 stalls/barn, 156 stalls total)
5.Walking Machines 5 with room for 6 horses each
6.Walking Area  
7.Starting Gate 5 stalls
8.Round Pen  
9.Showing Area  
10. -  
11.Patrol Tower  
12.Saddling Enclosure and Wash Racks 16 stalls
Two dormitories for single employees with a total of 22 rooms. Dormitory for single employees is equipped with dining and laundry facilities.
All rooms are air-conditioned and have separate bathroom.
800m Woodchip Slope Course


800m in length, 3%-4% slope, 6m in width, composed of woodchips.
A warming-up area precedes the slope course which ends in the flat training course of 800m. The training tracks provide a stunning view of Mt.Daisen. Each horse's training time for one furlong-three furlongs is displayed at once. Training time is automatically recorded and that data is used to develop future training schedules for individual horses.
800m Dirt Track


This track is 800m in length and 10-13m wide. At the end of the slope course, it provides an area for gCooling Down" after slope training as well as a major area for training for horses not doing incline training.
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Warming-up Area
The size of the warming-up area is 2900u.Warming-up exercises for the horses include trotting and cantering.
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There are 6barns available that can house 156 horses.Each barn is capable of holding 26 horses.
Each stall is 3.6u.The stables are located in a beautiful setting.There are plenty of trees and the area is very quiet and calm. Horses can listen to music and the very wide spaces provide a stress]free environment.

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Walking Machines


Located just beside the stables are 5 walking machines.Each machine has a diameter of 16m and has a capacity of 6 horses. The walking machines are used daily before training, and for lay-ups and horses resting after a major racing campaign.
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Walking Area


The horses congregate in the walking area before beginning their daily training.
This area has a calming effect on the horses and allows for last minute adjustment of track and training instructions from the training manager.
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Starting Gate


The starting gates are set up at the beginning of the flat course and are used to familiarize horses with the starting gates before their debut. We first train the horses to pass through the gate and then gradually train them to stand straight while both the front back gates and are closed.
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Round Pen


Before training, we use this facility to condition and train horses. This facility is used for 1-year-old horses and horses coming back from a long-term rest, or for horses that need extra ground work in addition to their main training.
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Showing Area


This showing area is used to present the horses to visitors, trainers and clients, and as an area for photographing the horses.
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Patrol Tower


This tower is used to keep a watchful eye on the horses in training as well as to observe the condition of the slope and flat courses.
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Saddling Enclosure and Wash Racks

This facility is used to saddle the horses as well as for grooming, washing and veterinary treatment after the horses have finished the day's training.
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From our office, we are given a complete view of both the courses and our stables.
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The main entrance of the training center allows for security.

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